John 6:20

John 6:20 but he called out to them "Don't be afraid. I am here!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Needing Input

Here lately I feel that God has placed on my heart that we, as Christians, need to come together as the body of Christ; regardless of how our denominations divide us.  So, I began having a Bible study with a pastor other than my own.  I believe that different perspectives can lead to better understanding of God's Word but I am learning that it can also lead to greater confusion. I know that is the enemy at work; keeping me from growing in my faith.  I could really use some clarification right about now.

I was always taught that being saved meant (1)Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior (2)Believe that he died for your sins and God resurrected Him from the dead (3)Asking Him to come into your heart (4)Repent for your sins (5)Give Him control over your life and allow His will to show through you.  Then, if you asked for all that with a sincere heart, your sins will be forgiven and your heart forever changed.  Your walk with Christ can begin.  And, one of your first steps should be to show the world your commitment and obedience to Christ by being baptized.

Now, through this Bible study I am being taught that forgiveness of your sins cannot take place until you are baptized.  What if there is a time gap between being saved and being baptized? Are you not really saved in that time?  Then what happens when you sin after being baptized? Is baptism needed again?  Can anyone help with this or have scripture that can show me the truth?


  1. I'm not much of a Bible expert, but I don't remember reading anywhere in there where Jesus said "Sure, i'll forgive you for your sins....but only 'after' you take a dip in that lake over there."

    I think He forgives no matter what.
    Baptism is just an outward ....symbol? Expression? Something that shows everyone else around you that you're taking the right step in the right direction.

  2. Is it all about Jesus or do we have to "do something" - what the Bible says to me is that baptism is the outward action which shows the inward conversion which has taken place in my heart and life. The thief on the cross was told by Jesus himself that "today you shall be with me in paradise" The thief was not baptized but he repented and was saved.

    I feel baptism is very important in a believers life but my salvation is depending on nothing but the blood of Jesus ("not by works, least any man should boast" We have relatives who are members of the Church of Christ and believe you cannot go to heaven if you aren't baptized because that's what they teach.

    Various Church of Christ branches also teach other things which seem to deviate from traditional Biblical doctrine and interpretation.

    I am not a pastor but have had a year of Bible teaching at Youth With A Mission and have also taken some college level courses studying the Bible plus reading on my own.

    By praying and studying the Word you should see more and more (yes, those who believe you must be baptized to be saved have some arguments but so do those who think it is God's grace and Jesus' sacrifice, period....)

    Baptism is a super blessing and was very important to me and in my walk with the Lord but I was definitely saved before I was baptized. (Saved, delivered from atheism and alcoholism too and that definitely not of my own power.... sending you a big hug online - thanks for joining my blog....)

  3. Hello,
    I feel that if the question comes up of whether you should be baptized or not, then it is not necessary to debate it. It is only necessary to look into the word of God and see if there is instruction for you to do it. If you see it there, which it is, then just do it out of obedience to God.

  4. I think every one here who has commented before me have made good points. My own opinion is that God saves, this is the inner reality, the baptism of water merely the outer thing. The real baptism to me is the baptism of the Holy Spirit into the believer's life. But of course, I am always interested in other points of view. Thanks for joining my blog; as you will notice I've now joined yours!

  5. thanks everyone for the input i really needed it. if anyone else has anything else that will help keep it coming