John 6:20

John 6:20 but he called out to them "Don't be afraid. I am here!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

learning to represent

From night and day all the way to man, God created it all.  You can read that in the book of Genesis chapter one starting with verse one.  I'm not speaking for anyone else but when i first picked up the Bible and read that, I realized His power overwhelms me.  First it was with fear, then with an overabundance of love; His love.  I started to see Him in everything.  The trees, the clouds, the ground.  i even felt His presence in the wind as it hit my face.  I began to realize His love and power is in everything and it is everywhere.  So, even when i was at the lowest points of my life and felt absolutely alone; i was never alone. Not even for a second.  He has been waiting for me. 
When I was crying that no one loved or cared about me, He was there with His arms open saying "Pick me. I love you. I care for you. I will never leave you alone."    I wondered  Why didn't  i see all this before?  Why couldn't I hear Him?  Why would I ever want to be without that kind of unconditional love again? The answers are simple I didn't want to see or hear or except that He has all the answers.  I decided I didn't want to be blind or deaf or closed off to the wisdom of God.  So, of course, on my knees, with my eyes filled with tears and with a damaged,  broken soul being repaired and then filled with the Holy Spirit I asked God to forgive my sins and bring His Son, my Saviour, into my heart. He heard my prayer and has been with me ever since; even when I didn't deserve it. 
 He wasn't the only one who heard my plea.  The enemy heard and must of been seething with anger, cause he's been sending his reinforcements after me ever since.  That, oddly enough, i was expecting.  I was told in the beginning of my christian walk that if the devil isn't messing with you that means your not messing with him.  So, with every enemy attack, I deal with it and then smile and say, "What a threat I must be to you.  Guess I'm on the right path then."
 There was another attack that I didn't see coming....other Christians.  I also wasn't aware that I could be held accountable for their deeds (or lack there of if the case may be).  I thought i was only accountable for my own and in God's eyes I believe that's true. But, let's face it He is not the only one watching.  Non believers are looking at us and studying us whether we know it or not.  I'm not looking for a worldly acceptance but I should be representing God in such a way that makes others want to know Christ.  All Christians should represent the way God wants us to not the way we have twisted religion to want us to. 
So, I want to start this blog and continue posts, in the hopes that all of us Christians can learn from each other and help one another.  Because, regardless, of all of our religious differences; we ARE one family under our faith in Jesus Christ and should be representing Him in only one The Messiah.
To be continued.........

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